Blazers go past Santa Clara for their first win

Report by Rutvij B

Inaugurating the new Fremont artificial turf field for Sunnyvale were the Blazers, who with the comeback of Tejas were looking for their first win in a rough season. Santa Clara Bees took first strike, facing the bowling of Vijay Gadde who had been on song the entire season. He struck early to remove one opener, bringing in their No.3 who set around solidifying things with the other opener. From the other end, Kiran applied some pressure but bowled without luck in his first spell. Tejas started to change up the bowlers in an attempt to stop the batsman from settling down. Joining the Blazers were two young additions: Nikhil and Vatsal, who along with Sathy and Rutvij bowled well without assistance from the slow wicket. Sparry came on, getting rid of the No. 3 in his second over with a quicker one that surprised the batsman; the ball—the first of the day to get any assistance from the pitch—bounced sharply, took the glove and ricocheted off Anoop’s shoulder only to land into Vijay’s hands at second slip.

Rutvij wasted no time in sending the other batsman packing, pinning him LBW and eliciting a raised finger from the umpire. This brought Kiran back on, who seemed to take offense to the fact that his bowling analysis had a 0 in the wickets column. Terrorizing their middle order with yorkers and sharp inswingers, Kiran ripped through the rest of their lineup and wrapped up Santa Clara’s innings for 139 in 39 overs while doing his stats no harm by bagging himself 4 wickets.

The Blazers were confident going into the second innings, but still wary because of previous batting performances. Rohan and Anoop started proceedings but were both unlucky to be sent back early, Anoop trying to step out to a pace bowler and getting a leading edge, while Rohan smashed one low and to the left of the oldest man on their team who took a stunner diving and clinging on to a ball that came right out of the screws of Rohan’s bat. The same 50+ year old was responsible for sending both Natty and Rutvij back, who after constructing a partnership of 40-odd runs fell. Natty pulverized a short ball only to see it stick in short-cover’s hands, trudging off for 28 and Rutvij was drawn in by the wily old legspinner’s flight and stumped. This brought in Sparry and Tejas to calm things down, who stitched together a 60 run partnership that all but brought the Blazers home. Tejas, who by now is certainly full of pride having smashed the double figures barrier, slowly but surely accumulated his way to 29 off 66, while Sparry on the other end was not to be outdone on the caution end, nudging his way to 44 off 98. It wasn’t exactly the CPL, but it was exactly what was needed at the time: the risk-free accumulation of runs. Sathy finished things off with Sparry, and the Blazers brought home their first victory of the season.

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