Asteroid scrape through to pull off another win.

After 4 consecutive wins , Asteroids were keen to keep the momentum in place and make it 5 in a row. Asteroids captain won the toss and had no hesitation batting first.

The plan was to bat 45 overs and put a competitive of score of 180 on board and fight with that.

Hari C and Arun D were the openers for Asteroids. Both batsmen were cautious and played on the merit of the ball. They ran well between the wickets and put away the full tosses to the boundary. Just when the hard part was done and it was time to accelerate Hari C ( 14 ) fell trying to slog Nilkhil.

Priyankar was the next batsmen and he did not disturb the scorers after getting bowled going for a wild slog of the canny Hasu Patel. Asteroids went into the break at 45 for 2 in 15 overs.

Baba was next in and he Arun D put on 20 run partnership without taking much risks. Just as a partnership was developing Baba fell to good catch at point. Askhay was next in and looked to dominate the bowlers from ball one. Arun D meanwhile was content to give the strike to Akshay. Both batsmen put on 50 run partnership in 8 overs. Asteroid went into the break at 117 for 3 in 30 overs.

With good base set , it was time to double the score in the last 15 overs. But it did not go to plan. Arun D fell just after the break to a weak shot to point for a well made 52. Akshay continued to dominate as wickets fell around him. He brought a run a ball 50 and got out trying to clear mid on again. Vishnu and Megraj played a cameo towards the end but Spartans kept taking wickets and got Asteroids all out for 187, A below par score on a good ground.

To defend 187 and with a weaker bowling attack, it was time to be boring and bowl dot balls and build the pressure and increase the asking rate.

Arun D and Vishnu were the opening bowlers who kick started the innings. Both were unlucky with a catch being put down and Vishnu getting the batsmen bowled but he hit the stump on the bowling end. Hence it was a No ball and the batsmen was reprieved. Megraj was brought 1st change and he immediately struck getting 2 quick wickets. But that it not deter the batsmen who kept score board ticking. They were helped with the extras and mis fields on the field. Chetan was brought on to support Megraj and he kept it tight and brought down the run rate. Prabhakar replaced Megraj and he picked his first wicket to a good catch by Rohan at gully. Spartans went into the first break with 50 for 3 in 15 overs.

The next 15 overs was very crucial for both teams, Sunnyvale needed to dry up the runs and hope for wickets and Spartans needed to keep up with the asking rate. Chetan and Prabhakar continued after the break. Chetan struck immediately after the break and his tight blowing resulted in a brilliant run out by Megraj who had a terrific day in the field. Spartans were reduced to 54 for 5 in just 3 overs.

Arvind P and Sohan were the batsmen at the crease and both batsmen did not let the fall of wickets deter them. Both batsmen kept punching the ball in the gaps and running hard. Again the Sunnyvale fielding was sloppy. Akshay was brought into the attack and he bowled a nice tight line and bowled his 9 overs for 30 runs on the trot. Both batsmen added 50 for the 6th wicket and the partnership was looking dangerous. But another brilliant work from Megraj saw Arvind runout for 34. Spartans went into the break at 107 for 6 in 30 overs.

With 80 needed of the last 15 overs it was time to wrap up the innings. But Spartan batsmen were resilient Sohan and Rishi added 30 runs in quick time and Sohan and Nikhil added 20 runs to keep the chase in sight. With 30 runs needed for 24 balls. Megraj was brought back and he bowled 2 tight overs. Arun D bowled another tight over to ensure the asking rate went up. 17 was needed of the last over which was bowled by Giri who got Sohan out for a brilliant 43.

MOM: Akshay

MVP: Megraj and Sohan


Batsmen putting up a competitive score to give the bowlers a chance.

Bowling was disciplined.


Fielding and Fitness of the team was very poor. Folks need to make a personal effort if we want to keep the team competitive.

Batsmen not contributing , throwing away wickets.

Absolutely no price put on wickets.

7 No ball bowled. = 7 Free hits.

Catching could have been better

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