Entourage lose double header with BA All Stars

A warm and sunny Sunday, a perfect day for the game of cricket. Entourage had a double header against the same team, BA All Stars.


Game 1:

Entourage 167/5 ( Hari 54[26], Jag 25[30], Jimmy 20[11]) lost to All Stars ( Akram 63[32], Sohail 3/15) {{ MVP – Sohail }}

Game 2:

All Stars 181 ( Ahmed 46[29],  Sohail 4/24, Atif 4/31 ) beat Entourage ( Jag 37[28], Priyankar 33[39], Sunil 27[24])  {{MVP – Sohail}}

Game 1 Entourage were put to bat first. Entourage started out well with a good opening partnership of 60 in 10 overs. The stage was set for the next batsman, Hari found his groove and whacked the balls – scoring 24 of a single over. A sensational batting performance from Hari with some support from Jimmy and others saw Entourage scoring 107 runs of the last 10 overs to post a formidable total of 167 in 20 overs. Or that was what the Entourage team thought until we Entourages went onto field. Sohail started well with a good opening spell. Apart from Sohail, no one looked formidable or anywhere close to stop the All Stars onslaught. Not that the All Stars were a better team, the usual woes of some poor line/length from bowlers, dropped catches, poor fielding judgement cost us the first match. Also need to mention the good knock from Akram, who got a life from a costly miss, to sensibly take the team closer to victory. In the end it was a breeze for All Stars to finish the game in 16.3 overs.
Scorecard for game 1
Game 2, everyone energized with some Subway sandwiches, Entourage were back on the field, fielding first. This time All Stars decided to reverse the batting order, which was a good chance to put some pressure on them. But well, again Sohail was the top performer with 4/24 and Atif taking a 3 for. Raman in his first game bowled sensible and showed great character towards a variety of bowling skills. The other bowlers were simply whacked out of the park effortlessly for All Stars to post a target of 182 which was going to be tough for Entourage. Jag tag-teamed with Mo (Jag injured his leg in Game 1 and Mohammed ran between wickets like Ussain Bolt) for a good batting display along with Priyankar. Together they had a 50 opening partnership. But wickets fell tumbling with the rrr going over 10 during the mid stages of the game. Sunil got promoted to bat to score a self-satisfying 27(24), not quite a redemption from the bowling lapse.
Scorecard for game 2
Overall, we had some good individual performances from Entourage. But the team could not come as one which probably was the downside. But looking at the positives, we got a good team here.
1. Captain leading from the front with some good bowling display – 7 wickets for the day
2. Hari’s quick fire 50 which got us to formidable total. Hari even picked his bunny bowler for the day and scared him enough that he ended up leaving the second game.
2. Good batting performance in the second game from Priyankar (glorious cover drives) and Sunil (smart singles and twos batting).
3. Jag played sensible innings with an injured leg – and a brilliant catch in cover too, while limping. Well some unusual batting from Jag by not straying down the pitch, which was probably missed
1. Too many extras under pressure.
2. The usual catches win matches.
3. Bad body language once the opponents started striking the ball long.

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