We are proud to be one of the oldest cricket clubs in the bay area with roots dating back to 1893 when the club was called the Wanderers. During the 1950’s it was named the San Jose Cricket club. In 1990 we were called Silicon Valley Cricketers club and this is when we began to look for a new home ground after the city of San Jose was unable to provide us with the regulation type cricket facilities. In 1992, the club members led by Chandra Bodapati launched an extensive petition campaign with the city of Sunnyvale for cricket facilities which received press coverage in publications like India West and Silicon Valley Journal. Their perseverance and hard work paid off when the Sunnyvale Mayor, Council members and Park and Recreation department unanimously consented to provide us with permanent cricket facilities at Ortega Park. We were renamed the Sunnyvale Cricket Club. Our club partnership with the city has been extensively covered in the press it includes a cover story in India Today (an equivalent to Time magazine in India).


5 thoughts on “History

  1. Hi

    I have a colleage friend whom I used to play cricket. I need to reconnect with my old friends. Do have a search engine to find him and her ?


  2. i played for south zone university level in india for acharya nagarjuna university team for two years and i played district level in andhra pradesh,india.


  3. guys i am just lookinmg for some casual batting practice and not serious league cricket. Does this club have nets to do practices over weekends?


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