Asteroids pull off a hard fought win

Surfing on the morale of their previous victories, Asteroids won the toss and chose to bat on a wet outfield.The team opened its innings with Jimmy and Bharath who were both tasked with giving the team a flying start. However loose shots from the both of them to Hasu Patels resulted in their ends. With the team at 20 for 2 stabilizing from both ends was required, Arun and Priyankar both began their innings. Both of them played good and according to the merit of the ball. They safely took Asteroids to the break with 43 runs in 15 overs

After the break saw lose batting from both Priyankar and Arun chasing wide balls to get out caught. The young Spartan seamers were spot on with their lengths and bowled at a good pace. The next pair at the grease were Athul and Akshay who were watchful and took advantage of the loose balls bowled. The score board kept ticking at 2 to 3 runs every over.

Asteroids went into the 2nd break at 85 for 4 in 30 Overs.

The plan was to double the score in the last 15. But Akshay was caught at long on trying to clear the boundary immediately after the break. Vishnu joined Athul who had decided to anchor the innings. Vishnu got into some banter with the Spartan players and that motivated him to be positive at the crease. He played some cracking hooks and ramps of the quick Rudrik but unfortunately lost his wicket hitting a short ball to hasu patel.

After this, Meghraj came in fresh from a good innings against NCCA Youth. He was the dominant partner hitting couple of 4 and a huge 80 meter six. Athul was happy just to give him the strike. Most of the Asteroids team gathered at the boundary line and cheered every run scored by Athul and Megraj. Athul was out in 40th over to tired shot to long on for a well made 35.

Asif was next and got out playing across the line . Pramodh joined Megraj and both batsmen played 1 run a ball and took Asteroids to a par score of 163. Megraj ended not out with a swashbuckling 32.

Having to defend 164 runs, Asteroids entered the field positively having defended 150 against Marin. Pramod and Vishnu opened the bowling and supplied the bowling team with a few opportunities, however the chances fell in no mans land. However all this changed when Pramodh struck twice in two balls removing Mohawk and Sailesh in succession. Then needing to rebuild their innings, Abhishek and Moulin from spartans put on a good partnership until Moulin got out caught by Bharath trying to sweep Chetan. The next batsman Aravind was dismissed to direct hit from Akshay from deep mid wicket. The next batsman was Rudrik, who like most of the other Spartan batsman tried to rebuild the innings. However was out to the catch of the season for Asteroids so far with Vishnu diving full stretch and taking a one handed grab inches of the turf.

However, even after the fall of 5 wickets, the game was far from over. Harsh entering the field provided the set batsman Abi with good support, however Abi’s innings came to an end because of the tight bowling of Arun and smart catch from Vishnu again.

Needing 80 plus runs of the last 18 overs, The opponents looked like they were tumbling.

However poor fielding , lack of intent on the field and good positive batting kept Spartans in the hunt. 3 regulation catches were put down and Spartans kept getting 4 to 5 runs every over. Pramod was brought back and picked up an important wicket and Athul got the dangerous Harsh bowled.

Neeraj and Nikhil kept the chase going getting runs every ball. In next 7 overs they managed to score 35 runs keeping Spartans in the hunt. With 24 runs required of 24. Megraj was brought back into the attack. 42nd over conceded 5 Runs. Arun D bowled the 43rd over and conceded 3 runs and picked up a wicket. with 15 needed of 12 , Megraj bowled a good 49th over conceding just 2 runs, Hasu patel was unable to get off strike in the last over and Asteroids pulled off a scrappy 11 run win.

MOM: Athul

MVP: Pramod


Good Team Spirit.

Team batted 45 overs, took advantage of last 15 overs.

Bowlers kept the pressure , bowled dots and to the set field.


Took it lightly after Spartans were 8 down.

Batsmen not kicking on. Getting out immediately after the break

Fielding and catching was awful towards the end.

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