Asteroids lose a close game against Cardinals

Sunnyvale Asteroids won the toss and elected to BAT

Sunnyvale Asteroids Innings: (244/8: Vijay S: 70; Narsi: 67; Rishabh: 3/55; Aditya Mishra: 2/33)

Hollywood Cardinals Innings: (Aditya: 73; Mohak: 46: Neeraj: 28*; Nitin: 1/26; Vijay G: 2/57)

MOM: Aditya Mishra

MVP: Vijay Sundaresan


Sunnyvale Innings: Sunnyvale opened the batting 30 min late on a small ground with very short boundaries. Shanky got a good delivery and was caught fishing to the keeper of the first over. Srikanth joined Venky and both steadied the innings before Srikanth who was well settled got out driving the ball to covers followed by Raj S and Venky. The score was 54/4 in 14 overs. Narsi and Vijay S staged a brilliant counter attack and played the complete session without losing any wicket and took the score to 129/4 by the end of 34 overs. During their time in the middle they respected the good balls and were ready to milk the bowlers with boundaries and sixes in between.Vijay S unfortunately got out in the power play trying to raise the tempo (good catch from Neeraj), while Narsi continued with the remaining batsman. Vijay G and Athul played mini cameos and made sure the score reached above 240. Narsi got out eventually for a run out after a steady and matured 67. Athul remained not out for 23 in 16 balls. The final score was 244/8 in 50 overs. Since the game was started late, cardinals were penalized 4 overs and were asked to reach the target in 46 overs.

Cardinals Innings: Kiran and Nitin opened the bowling and as in the previous game both found good length. Nitin got the breakthrough in his first over of Nauman and gave Sunnyvale a good start. Aditya Mishra joined Mohak and started playing his strokes immediately. Mohak was supposed to be run out early in his innings for a clean throw from Shanky, but Venky’s helmet snapped as he was collecting the ball and could not site anything with the helmet falling on his face. Clearly luck not favoring Sunnyvale. The score quickly reached 118/1 by the end of the 17th over. Vijay G unlucky in his earlier spell recovered and got Mishra edging to Venky after a brilliant 73 in the 20th over. Sunnyvale during this time showed tremendous character and staged a comeback. Kiran replaced Vijay and got the dangerous Arjun Thyagarajan lbw and was helped by Athul and Sridharan for a wicket each. The score was 159/5 by the end of 29th over. They need around 90 runs in the remaining 17 overs and we needed 5 wickets. Sunnyvale could not keep the same intensity in their fielding in the last session and lost the match with 3 wickets remaining.



  • Brilliant come back in batting and bowling
  • Lot of maturity against top team in a small ground

Areas of Improvement:

  • Fielding
  • Fielding
  • Fielding
  • Cannot emphasize any more


Scorecard link not yet updated


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