Time for Summer 2015!!!!!

As we continue to enjoy the 2015 ICC World Cup…between the big sixes and the direct hits, something else is brewing in the silicon valley. A few select gentlemen are congregating, strategizing and planning their California summer. Cricket is alive and thriving in USA as teams all over the bay area are gearing up to claim big trophies and bragging rights…Everyone wants to be champions!

Of this set of folks, the select Elite are functioning at a whole different level all-together. This group has a habit of winning games and dominating the opponents. They are always increasing the standards of the game with their skill, conduct and professionalism. These athletes call Sunnyvale their home.

So my dear fellow gentlemen, the Sunnyvale Cricket Club is proud to announce the beginning of a new season where our members will continue to do what they do best. This summer, the Sunnyvale Cricket Club plans to compete in and win in multiple forms of the game. Ranging from 50 overs to T20s, we will have multiple teams playing at multiple levels in The Northern California Cricket Association (NCCA).

The flagship team knows as the Sunnyvale Asteroids will lead the way and compete on the highest platform available. They plan to dominate in the NCCA Div-1 Premier Elite League.

Coming off their brilliant Championship season themselves, the Sunnyvale Blazers will continue their winning ways and look join the Asteroids in Div-1 next year. In addition, other teams like the Dynamos & Entourage will themselves be gunning for championships in other NCCA competitions.

Sunnyvale has a history of great leaders. And this year is no different. The new class of executives will work behind the scenes to ensure that all the teams have what they need to be successful. The new board consists of:

President                        : Jimmy Sinha

Secretary                        : Mayank Bhatnagar

Treasurer                       :Vipul Bhatnagar

Team Manger               :Ahsan Iqbal

Marketing Manager  :Hari Chirra

Nothing can stop us. You think different?? Bring it on !!!!!

Go Sunnyvale!!!

Coming Soon!!!!…..Team Captains who will lead us into more championships.

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